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Lost Cockatiel in Oakland Park 11/05/05

Pauline Galley

LOST Cockatiel
Oakland Park, Florida/ Broward County
LOST on 11/05/05

He is a Cinnamon Male Cockatiel. He whistles but does not talk. He does not have a band. Coloring: Gray body, Yellow Head, White on Wings, Orange Cheek Circles.
He has been a Bonded Pair with His Brother for 2 years, which I've raised together since Birth. He's Greatly Loved & Missed! He is a very strong flyer so he may travel a far distance away from home.

Call Pauline (954)484-3251, (954)258-0340 or Email:

REWARD for ANY Information or Leads that Help me Find my Bird

$$$$ REWARD $300

To see pictures of my bird go to:

I have over 100 pictures of my bird and can provide them to show proof of ownership.

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