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We're very excited to be part of this fundraiser with the South Florida Golf Foundation.

If you'd like to donate so that we could win up to $5,000 from the SFGF for raising the most amount of money, please go to: and click on Birdies for Charity on the right. You make your pledge (last year there were 2003 birdies in the tournament). So, if you pledge one cent per birdie, you'll be pledging about $20.

At the bottom, you must put World Parrot Mission, bird #54 and click on SUBMIT QUERY to have your pledge submitted.

You could win 4 round trip tickets to anywhere domestic in the U.S. or you could win 2 spots in the PRO-AM for next year!

This is a great chance to do something good for the birdies (parrots) and get something good back!

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