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Hey Birdbrain! The news for the intelligent parrot owner - September

Hi Friends of the Flock!

Wow! Do the months go by too fast or is it me? I canít believe that the kids are going back to school already.

We have had a great summer. The guests that see our show are telling us that it is incredible and that they learn so much. People canít believe how wonderful the birds are and how the feathers have improved on our newly acquired adopted birds that have plucked out their feathers for years.

Weíve started getting people coming back from last year who saw us in our first location with only five birds. Now there are TEN birds here. Each new bird has learned something fun for the show and we all have a great time while learning. We have volunteer kids that help teach the birds in the afternoons.

This month I=d like to say a hearty welcome to our new members: Eileen Spencer, Annette & Curtis Lineberger and Candy Corr. Membership in the World Parrot Mission means that you love animals and especially parrots and want to help them to a better life.

The month of July was a fabulous month for me. I didn=t get enough done, but I went to a family reunion in Pennsylvania. I reconnected with cousins I hadn=t seen in 34 years!!!!! It was amazing, as if we stepped back in time. It=s funny how you realize that you may be bigger and older, but you=re still that same person you were when you were a kid!

The mission of the World Parrot Mission is to help homeless, helpless parrots. We were put to the test this month when a woman brought in a small Nanday Conure that was living wild in Key Largo. The little young bird had been hit by a car and she said that the other birds in the flock were flying down to it to try to help. I asked the woman to take the bird to our local avian vet, which she did gladly. The vet told me that afternoon that the bird was emaciated and hardly moving and they didn=t know if she would make it through the night. After a week in intensive care, we were able to bring the bird home and medicate her. This little conure is now at the World Parrot Mission and we are trying to stay away from her as much as possible, because we want to release her back to her parents.

Yesterday, the most amazing thing happened. I was on the phone and my husband ran into the office and said, Athe baby=s momma is here!@ I ran outside and, sure enough, a Nanday was out on the telephone pole and another was in the back yard in a tree calling to the baby. I have goose bumps just thinking about it. I brought the baby outside so they could see her and she tried to fly away with them. Her wings are clipped now because she has a swollen wing. We wanted to give her a good chance to get better before she had to fly again to keep up with her flock. So, now, we will begin to build a flight cage for her to get her flying ability back up to snuff and we=re hoping that her parents will visit on a daily basis. It=s been a very hard thing to try not to give her too much attention so she=ll stay wild and yet, to give her enough attention that she=s not lonely and miserable.

I want to thank those of you who are supporting us monthly. Your sponsorships are the fuel that keeps us going. You know who you are and you probably already know how special you are to us.

We will be trying a new volunteer program for our members. Why not spend a quality day with your own bird here at the Mission while you teach people about the true needs of parrots? All volunteers would need an Avian Certificate of Health and to be members of the World Parrot Mission. Your bird will probably love the time you spend with him while you=re here. If you=re interested, email or call us.

MEMBERS ONLY: Behavior and Recipe (If youíre a member and you donít receive this section, please email us at:


We had an article in the Miami Herald this month. It will be posted on the website for those of you who havenít seen it. The more we can get the word out on the truth about parrots, the more we can all help to educate the naÔve public as to the tremendous commitment it takes to have a parrot. We will always maintain that a truly happy parrot has a flock and wings. We canít wait to see the parrots of our flock fly!

Until next time, please remember us when you win the lottery! Weíre trying our best to make a truly wonderful paradise for the lucky birds that will be able to spend their lives educating the public and flying in our future sanctuary. Your donations are our blood. To those of you who have recently sent donations, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The birds are flourishing in our care and delighting visitors with their beauty and silly antics. We all appreciate you!

Mark Twain: AOf all the animals, man is the cruelest. He is the only one who inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it.Ē

Jenifer Dermer

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