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April News - "Hey, Birdbrain!"

Hello all of you friends of animals,

Hope this finds you all well and doing the best you can in this time of stress and war. We can only hope for the shortest possible solution and pray for our troops to return safely home.

March was a lost month for me. I got very ill for about ten days and then played catch-up for the rest of the month, so I never got around to a newsletter or anything much else for that matter! I'm almost back to perfect now and my feelings are so strong that health is the only thing that really matters. Without it, you have nothing, no matter how much money or success you have.

The good news is that our birds are sprouting feathers left and right. Little Tzipora, our Ducorps Cockatoo has finally communicated with me! It was a great moment when she called me in her little cockatoo scream. It was the first sound I'd heard from her since she came to live with my flock. Garth, our African Grey, is finally sprouting some feathers on his bottom! Yes, he has three little tail feathers sticking out about 1/2 inch! We're so excited about his progress! Gabriella, our Umbrella Cockatoo has got feathers sprouting out all over her body. She's so proud of herself! Seymour, the Moluccan, is sprouting feathers, too and looks just great. I'll be taking some new photos of the birds in the next week or so to put on our website.

Thanks to our wonderful donors, we have been able to start our "Parrot Park" where the birds can just hang out in the trees when staff or volunteer personnel are out there with them. We got two ficus trees (about 15 feet tall or so) and the birds are ecstatic to be able to hang out in them and bounce around, climb, hide and chew wherever they want! So, volunteers, we need you to help out and hang with the birds! Give us a call if you've got a little extra time, the birds will appreciate it!

We've gotten two new members: Jamie Perez and Elena Belkine. We appreciate their support and welcome them to our organization. And, I thank all of you for your membership and support.

I have received the application for a grant from Coca-Cola and have some help from a very kind individual here in the Keys who has done grants before. We don't even know if they would consider us, but we'll see what we can do. Keep your fingers crossed for our success!

We are no longer able to continue free programs if we are to stay alive. We now charge $5.00 per adult and $3.00 per child for our 45 minute program.

Have you seen our program? We'd love your comments to put on our website! Any photos that you send may be added to our website, also.

Phone calls and emails are coming in daily from people who are pregnant and must find a place for their bird, have changed their life situations, i.e. divorce, marriage, death, etc. These people are mostly hoping that the sanctuary is built and that their bird won't have to go into another home to endure being caged any longer. It is with a heavy heart that I must tell these people that the sanctuary is not built and that I am personally up to my neck in work with nine birds and the responsibility of trying to make this Mission a success. Hopefully, soon we can turn our answer into a positive, helpful one.

Behavior Advice: Members only receive this part of our newsletter.

Talk to your bird. Don't underestimate what he can understand, even if he doesn't talk back! IF you have serious problems with your bird, behavior counseling could be your answer. Don't let it get to the point where you simply want to give the bird away! Call Jenifer at the World Parrot Mission. 305-453-1800.

We'll be having a behavior seminar on Sunday, May 18, 2003 at the World Parrot Mission. Understanding your bird and making him happy will be the focus of the day. You will get great answers to your questions. Class begins at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome Coffee and Donuts. We break for lunch at 12:00 and resume at 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. Don't miss this chance to learn about why your bird does the things he does or doesn't! Admission charge is $20.00 per person. No birds are allowed at this seminar.

People are always telling me their bird stories when they visit the World Parrot Mission. I have decided to start sharing them with my wonderful readers and supporters. Here's one worth repeating:

A woman came in from New Jersey and told me that she was a realtor there. She said that she went one day to show some clients a house that had been vacant for four weeks. When she opened the door to the empty house, she was shocked to hear a baby crying inside. She quickly went through the house to the sound and opened the laundry room. In this small room she saw a cage, with a macaw that was sitting there crying like a baby. She immediately called the owner of the home, who had moved to a new development in town. She asked the woman how she could have possibly left the poor bird in the house alone for four weeks. The owner replied with something like, "Look, I bought a beautiful, new, clean house and I am NOT going to bring that dirty bird into it!"

Isn't that sad? Fortunately, the realtor was kind enough to find the bird a new home, but what a fate for a poor little soul that did nothing except to be born with beauty, brains and feelings enough to be bought as a pet. People discard pets so lightly that it amazes me. My love for my birds and my dogs is of equal intensity as that to my family. My pets ARE part of my family. If you're reading this, I know yours are, too.

Thanks for your time and support. You can now give donations on our website. Just click on Join Us and put in the amount you'd like to give to show that you care.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!!! We now have World Parrot Mission T-shirts on sale at the lowest price ever of $10.00 each or 2 for $18.00! They come in beautiful colors of green, yellow and pink, as well as white. If you haven't bought yours, just email us with your phone number and we'll call you for your order. Our website will be updated to receive orders soon.

We are also selling bird toys at a reduced price so that your birds are always busy! Remember that by buying toys from us you are supporting the Mission, so you're doing something good for your bird and lots of other birds, too! We are setting up a monthly toy box to send to your bird so you don't have to remember to buy them! Members: you also receive your 20% discount on bird toys. These items will be on our website soon, also.

Thank you again for your support. Without it we could not continue to try to do the best possible for the parrots in this world who need us.

Jenifer Dermer
Founder and Executive Director
World Parrot Mission, Inc.

"Helping in the fight for parrots world wide."

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