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Turbo was adopted by Jenifer after she was called by his former owner and learned that his owner was terminally ill with cancer. It was his owner's dying wish that Turbo be cared for by Jenifer, knowing Jenifer's reputation for helping parrots and having read many of the newsletters she had written.

Turbo was an only bird in a home where his "dad" was a commercial airline pilot. Poor Turbo was completely plucked under both wings down the whole side of his body. He probably never knew when "Dad" would be coming home or staying away for days at a time. This is a very sad thing for a bird.

Jenifer had never met Turbo before the day she went to pick him up, so he must have felt that a stranger was taking him away. He never got to say good bye to his "dad" because he was already in the hospital. Turbo was seven years old when he was adopted by Jenifer and although Turbo bit Jenifer badly due to fright when he was first adopted, he has adjusted very well and is a great addition to the show. He sings a duet with Jenifer and plays "peek-a-boo" to everyone's delight. He is very loved and seems to feel part of the flock in every way.

We're glad he's here and we hope he feels the same way!

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