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Sponsors are vastly important in allowing us to continue our work in educating the public and helping parrots that so desperately need help.

We want to let our sponsors know how much we appreciate their help and we want everyone to know that there are wonderful people in this world who care enough to help parrots in need by supporting our work.
Thanks so much!

Corporate Sponsors

Happy Feathers Gift Shop - The Happy Feathers Gift Shop has pledged 25% of their profits to go directly to the World Parrot Mission. They will have a website up shortly with online shopping.
Thanks Happy Feathers!

Ocean's Ten at the Edison (SOBE USA) - The wonderful owners at the Ocean's Ten love animals and wanted to help.
Thanks Ocean's Ten!

Private Sponsors

~ Platinum Angel Sponsors ~

Wayne and Lynn Eason live in Homestead, Florida and needed to find a place they felt comfortable with leaving their two feathered children, Garth and Tzipora. They knew Jenifer from attending a behavioral class in Miami Beach, so they had no qualms about sponsoring their birds to be at the Mission. We're hoping that soon all the birds will be able to fly and just be what they are: birds!
Thanks, Wayne and Lynn! We'll take good care of your birds.

~ Golden Angel Sponsors ~

Jim and Linda Terrill visited us at the W.P.M. in Key Largo the first weekend we were open. Their instant support for our work was invaluable in motivating us to perservere toward our goal of building a parrot sanctuary.
Thanks Jim and Linda!

Steve and Judith Berson-Levinson live in Miami Beach and after doing research on the web, found the World Parrot Mission. Their need to find a wonderful place for their little feathered child was great. Steve and Judith have sponsored their little Gabby and have helped the Mission to grow.
Thanks, Steve and Judi! We'll always care for your little girl bird.

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