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Our Permanent Adoption Plan:
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If your bird could paint a sanctuary, what would it look like? We know. Your bird would paint a picture of a place where he was loved and accepted for just being a bird. It would be a place where a bird could fly and forage and bathe and eat and just socialize with others of his own kind. And, a place you could visit!

I have a dream. A dream of a sanctuary where I can leave my own birds, if something happens to me. I am one of many people who do not want their birds to be sold or given to anyone for adoption into their home. I want my seven birds to stay together and I want them to be as free as birds can be without the worries of predators, food or shelter. A true sanctuary.

At this point, it is just a dream. But every realized dream has its starting point. I also want this sanctuary to be open to birds who have been neglected or abused in any way. I want to be able to help the less fortunate birds to give them some comfort in their lives.

I dream big, don't I? In living color, too! I know there are others out there like me who want to help birds that are less fortunate, or that want to know their birds will be in permanent sanctuary should something happen to them.

Until we can open the sanctuary, we need to provide housing and shelter for birds that are no longer wanted in their homes. We need volunteer foster homes. We who love the birds, must love all the birds and not let them suffer needlessly.

If you love your bird, you have a responsibility to make sure that your bird's life is a good one. Birds live a very long time. We're here to help you fulfill your obligation to that little soul that has shared your life and been such a great companion.

I feel very responsible for my little birds and would only want the very best of care for them in the event that I could no longer care for them. I would care for your bird the same way I would care for mine.

Won't you become a member of our family here at the World Parrot Mission? We're getting ready for the future. The future always comes too soon... we can provide for your bird the ultimate life with other birds in a flying aviary.

Remember, your bird gave up everything natural, everything birdlike, everything that he was entitled to as a bird.... just to be your little friend. Doesn't he deserve the best you can give back?

Call (305-453-1800) or Write ( us today for details.

We're here for you.
Jenifer Dermer, Founder and President

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