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Ways to make your bird happy.

1. Feed your bird lots of different nutritious foods. Your bird has taste and likes certain
things and dislikes others. I give my birds beans and rice (cooked together) along with vegetables each night for dinner. I change the vegetables to make it fun for the birds. They also get nuts and fruit for breakfast and seeds when they play school or for lunch if I can’t play school that day. I also put liquid vitamins in my birds’ water because my birds do not eat pellets. Once in a while, I take some baby food; mix in some oatmeal and vitamins and spoon feed this to my birds. This is like regurgitating back to them, which is a sign of love. I also share a peanut butter and Polaner’s All Fruit Spread sandwich with my birds every once in a while. I put powdered vitamins on “their part” so it is more nutritional.

2. Your bird needs a job to do. If you don’t give him enough to chew, he will start to chew his feathers. Birds also need mental stimulation. Put the TV on Nickelodeon or PBS Barney/Sesame Street whenever you leave the house so he has something to keep him company. When you’re home you can read children’s books to your bird and you’ll be surprised how much he pays attention.

3. When you get home from anywhere, please remember that your bird has nothing in his
life but you. He is screaming, “Yay, Mom’s (and/or Dad’s) home!” “I love you, Mom! Are you coming to see me?” Go to him and tell him you love him and you’ll be right there and let
him out as soon as you can. Try to appreciate how much your bird loves you and misses you
when you’re gone. Screaming is the bird's way to communicate his excitement to you.

4. To teach your bird new things, use lots of positive words and treats. Never end on a bad note. Your bird can learn anything you want to teach him if you have the patience.

5. Your bird does NOT like to be alone. Try to take him with you whenever you can so he can get out of the house and see the world, too. My birds love to ride in the car to the bank or the laundry.

6. Freedom is the key to life for most animals. Birds love to be out of their cages and part of your family. Remember, a bird in the wild will stay with his family for his lifetime and will take a mate for life, also. Your bird’s bond to you is not something to take lightly.

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