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MORIAH, a Hyacinth Macaw

Jenifer bought Moriah from a breeder in 1992. He was weeks old and still in a little tub with his brother. Jenifer would go sit with Moriah for two to three hours at a time, three or four days a week. The purpose was for Moriah to know he was going home with "Momma" and not to have any stress on his relocation. It worked. He's been a very happy, healthy boy his whole life and he definitely has a mind of his own. Jenifer is very sure to tell everyone that when she bought Moriah, she had more money than sense!

Hyacinth Macaws have been called "gentle giants" in the past. There is nothing gentle about this bird when he gets his mind set on something. Moriah is enthralled with Jenifer's daughter, Jessica, who was 10 years old when they bought Moriah and is now away at college. When Jessica comes to visit, Moriah wants to be with her constantly and will actually bite Jenifer if she tries to take Moriah away from Jessica! A bite from this bird is definitely enough to make a grown man cry (and certainly this grown woman)!

Once, Jenifer had an Avian Behavior client who had bought a Hyacinth Macaw on the advice of the breeder saying that the bird would be very gentle. The client had four children under the age of 6. When she called, she told Jenifer that the bird was "nailing" her kids! After seeing her with the bird and the children, Jenifer could only advise that she sell the bird because it would only have been a matter of time before one of her children lost a finger, or worse, an eye!

Moriah is a very trusting bird because he's been with Jenifer his entire life. He's never been truly scared or stressed, so he will go upside down on top of Jenifer's head (with a little coaxing). Because Hyacinths are so rare, people love to see Moriah and what he does. His colors are so brilliant that many people ask if Jenifer has somehow altered them! He's a real clown when he gets in front of a crowd and he seems to actually enjoy the laughter and applause that he causes. If he could fly, he would probably have such fun and if he could be with his own they would probably think he was a comedian in their flock!

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