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  • LOST - $3,000.00 REWARD IF FOUND - Lost African Grey, grey body, red tail, silver band on leg. Lost in Coney Island/Brighton Beach Area. Saturday August, 18, 2007. Heart broken -- if anyone has any information please contact Svetlana Home Telephone (718) 627-7024 Cellphone (347) 247-9157.

  • LOST - Palm Beach county (Delray Beach). Flew away on friday, July 2nd. large greenwing macaw named pedro. If you see a greenwing, at least contact me so my friend lynne can find out if it is her pedro. Pedro and Sam just had a baby Harlequin and Lynne misses Pedro badly.

  • LOST - Small sun conure, "Caesar", lost in South Arlington, TX on 9-5-04. Mostly orange/red, but blue/green on wings and tail. Contact or 817-874-7948 anytime. REWARD.

  • LOST - 7/4/2004 - Palm Beach County (Delray Beach). large greenwing macaw named pedro. If you see a greenwing, at least contact me so my friend lynne can find out if it is her pedro. pedro and sam just had a baby harlequin and lynne misses pedro badly.

  • LOST - Jardine's Parrot - 2\7\04 Quail Roost and SW 133rd Ct. in Miami. Flies. Very Friendly. Reward to finder. 305-453-1800

  • LOST - African Grey Congo Parrot and he will be 3 years old in Feb. He flew away from my home in Stockton, CA on Brea Ave. and Swain Rd. on 11/02/03. The last solid lead I had was on 11/10/03 where some workers at a Head Start day care center, which is located on Golden Gate Ave. in Stockton also which is about 4 miles away from my home, spotted him and tried to catch him. After biting one of them he flew away in to a near by tree. He crys like a baby, imitates car alarms and phones, laughs and screams like children playing, answers the phone when it rings, says Caleb, mom, Celina, hello, Alicia, step up, hey, whatcha doing, come on, come here, come on man, knock it off, etc. He is also banded and the band number begins with MLB or WLB + 3 numbers that follow. If anyone that lives in a surrounding town hears any thing or knows something that may help please call me at 209-956-9225. Especially if you know of someone who recently found or got one. He is gray with a red tail and black beek. There is also a reward for whom ever reunites us! I really miss him and I will never stop looking. As long as I am alive. Thats how much I live him and how much he means to me! I am worried sick about him. Please spread the word! Thank you for all of your help!!!

  • LOST - African Gray at MM 75 on Lower Matecumbe Key in Islamorada. Her name is Kookla and she is 47 years old with a large vocabulary. She is a true African Gray and has no band, gray w/red tail. Makes the Nextel sound, meows like a cat, barks like a dog, etc., & speaks when no one is around unless she knows you. Please call David at 517-9980 or cell phone 522-4381.

  • LOST - Catalina Macaw in Key Largo, FL on U.S. 1. beginning of September, 2002. Left by Ellis Aluminum on a fence. Talks alot. Has one wing and toes missing. Eleven years with first owner.

  • LOST - Blue Front Amazon in Miami Beach, FL. Christmas Eve, 1999. Meows like a cat, barks like a dog and crows like a rooster. Almost no yellow on head. Nine years with first owner. Had wings and got caught in the wind.
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