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Parrot Shows

Jenifer Dermer and the Parrots of the World Parrot Mission are out and about presenting educational and enlightening parrot shows to the guests of the Keys. The program highlights the intelligence and emotional levels of the parrots of the world. Kids are allowed to feed the parrots who play basketball, do puzzles and sing and dance! Ask your resort when they are having the World Parrot Mission Show!

Looking for something really special for your child's next birthday? Let your child be a star for the day in his or her own parrot show. The birthday child gets to be "on stage" with Jenifer and her birds while they perform and the birthday child feeds the birds their treats! The kids think this is an exciting way to spend their birthday. We can do your party at the World Parrot Mission and provide pizza, sodas and cake or we can do the party at your home and you provide the rest. Either way it makes for an exciting, educational and truly fun birthday for kids ages 4-12. Call to see if your special date is available. 305-453-1800

Got a convention coming to your resort? How about a little something to make them feel a special tropical ambiance at a party. We'll bring our spectacular parrots to add that caribbean flavor to your property and even perform a show that will leave them all laughing! Call today for more information. 305-453-1800

Looking for something to keep your guests busy on a rainy day? ... we've got the perfect answer. A one hour parrot show that they'll be talking about for the rest of their stay. Kids get to feed the birds and all of your guests will be amazed at the intelligence and comical antics of our special birds. Call today for more info. 305-453-1800 Ask for Jenifer.

You'll be amazed at what our parrots can do! Did you know that Animal Planet Extreme Animal Program on TV has rated parrots as the most intelligent animals in the world? They rated parrots more intelligent than chimpanzees and dolphins! Come and have a great time and learn lots. Everyone loves this show! See you in the fabulous Florida Keys!!

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