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Our Mission Statement:
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The goal of organization is to help homeless, helpless parrots. The Humane Society does not consider parrots to be suitable as pets; therefore, they will not accept birds in their shelters. We are trying to educate the public about the responsibility of owning a parrot. Jenifer Dermer is the Executive Director of the World Parrot Mission. She has a degree in Psychology and specialized in Education as minor studies. Not only has Jenifer lived with parrots for more than twenty years, she has helped many clients as an Avian Behavior Specialist for several years.

The real need in our society today is to have a place where birds that are no longer babies can go to live out their 100-year lifespan. We would like to eventually have a facility where people could visit and see birds flying in an aviary. Our dream aviary would have a waterfall for natural bathing, large food sources for flock feeding, many trees where birds could land and see the world from up in the sky as nature intended. We would house the birds inside during the night in a large two-story garage type building.

There are many parrots in this country and around the world that are no longer considered suitable as pets because they have matured. Many parrots scream, bite and pluck out their own feathers. We would like to become a sanctuary for those birds that are no longer wanted by their families. Birds live in their families in the wild for their entire lives just as we do. They do not adapt well to having several families in their lifetimes. We hope to provide a safe, happy and loving home for those parrots that desperately need it.

Thank you for your interest
Jenifer Dermer
Executive Director
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